Doggy Daycare

Large room with dogs
Large room with dogs playing
Outdoor dog area

Just like with children, sometimes dogs need constant attention and supervision. And if they don’t get it….well, naughty behavior can happen! Do they like to chew up your things? Naw on the furniture? Or do you just feel bad leaving them caged up all day long? We can help!

Paws N Claws in Waupaca, Wisconsin, offers dog daycare services for a half day or a full day, whatever your needs may be! Our services allow your dog to get the much needed attention he deserves and also allows them to learn proper behaviors when interacting with other dogs. Plus, our services give you the peace of mind that your beloved pet is in a safe environment, getting the exercise and attention they need.

Our facilities are large and clean and constantly supervised by reliable and trustworthy professionals. We keep small dogs with small dogs and large dogs with large dogs. They can play indoors or outside, depending on the weather. And our professionals are always on hand to give the hugs and cuddles each one of our beloved canines deserves!

Contact Paws N Claws today at (715) 258-3338 to enroll your pup in our doggy daycare, or ask about our other services, such as grooming and boarding.

Large room with two dogs
Dogs with party hats